Speech and power ~ poem

Speech and power
gave words to war.
Our silence makes us
powerless to move.
Our stillness steals the light
from children’s eyes,
and we sleep
upon burial mounds.

At moments like this…
a chance to shake the world out;
to give wings to words.
But I see you have given up
your quest for flight.
You say "we have flown to the moon
and back,
but still we cannot make peace
with ourselves."

I am uneasy in myself,
and find no peace in the distance
between my cluttered life and theirs.
Sparsity and loss.
Dust and dreams.
Clinging to existence.
The distance of denial
creeps between us,
and we lose voice.

Our outrage is empty.
Our numbness shatters lives and rips
a child from his mother’s arms.
But still we are absolved
by powerlessness.

This is a quiet moment.
Let’s be honest and admit
that we are powerful,
but numbed by comfort
and eager for approval,
we conform.

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